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What to do if you get seasickness

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When you sign up for your first job and you feel excited about all the exotic locations you are going to visit, all the water sports you are going to enjoy and you imagine basking in the sun under a palm tree or on the deck of a mega yacht you probably don't give a passing thought to seasickness. I have been on lots of boats and I still get seasick. It is a very common problem.

I have been on lots of boats and I still get seasick. It is a very common problem.

The symptoms of Seasickness

If you are on a yacht, catamaran, ferry or any other kind of boat and the sea is at all choppy you can develop seasickness. Some of the greatest names from marine history suffered from seasickness. When you are seasick your head feels dizzy, your stomach is twisting and you have hot and cold flushes. You want to vomit. Frankly, you are as sick as a dog. Seasickness is quite unmistakable.

The Cures for Seasickness

There are a number of cures for seasickness. Particular seasick cures work for some people and not for others.

  • The Transderm-Scop patch AKA 'The patch' is perhaps the most successful cure for seasickness. It is a patch that you alternate putting behind your ears. The patch contains scopolamine. It is a drug that can cause nausea, sedation, light-headedness and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Other drugs. There are a lot of seasickness and motion sickness drugs available from the pharmacist. They have varying success rates.
  • Ginger. Either ginger sugar or ginger tea is believed to be a good natural remedy for seasickness and nausea.
  • Magna Band Sea Bands. These are bracelets that touch certain pressure points and are meant to give you protection from seasickness.

Best Course of Action

If you have seasickness then don't despair. Few people die of seasickness. Just remember to keep hydrated with liquids and isotonic beverages. Incidentally coconut water is the best isotonic drink you can have. You might also want to eat dried salty crackers so that you have something to vomit up. Dry heaving can be worse. Always be up on top of deck - the middle of the yacht moves the least and so is the best place to be. Try to look at the horizon to help your inner ear. If you are brave enough you can try one of the cures for seasickness. Always try and keep an even body temperature. The best cure of course is dry land. That might not always be an option.