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Northern Lights Cruises

2012 is the best year to see the lights and might be a great job opportunity

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It is often thought that the best season to pick up work on boats is in summer. This is often true for yachts when owners have holidays and want to head down to the Caribbean and elsewhere for some sun and sailing. For cruises all year round liners are leaving to embark on tours of the Far East, Central America and elsewhere. One particular source of cruise jobs is the growing market to see the Northern Lights.

The best time to see the aurora borealis is between September to April and between 5pm and 2am. This year, 2012, the northern lights are going to be especially impressive. It is the ‘solar max’. This is when the sunspot activity that creates the lights peaks. NASA has predicted the best lights this year for over a decade.

Most cruise boat tours to see the Northern Lights go to Alaska, Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden or Iceland. They often include excursions such as dog-sledding, snowmobiling as well as trips out to the wilderness to view the lights.

Naturally the best places to see the lights are far away from the spoiling effects of urban light pollution. This means the cruises go to places that offer a wild and untamed environment. For those looking for the romantic and the exciting working on Northern Lights cruises might be just the thing.

While many people will be looking to sign up for jobs on boats headed for sunny climes, you might fare well in getting your first job by looking to go north; besides seeing the lights is an experience that is hard to over-estimate and not to appreciate.

There are several companies running cruises to see the lights. In the UK Hurtigruten advertise in the Sunday Telegraph. The Sundays are a good place to get the names of companies that run such cruises since it is a luxury travel experience they are offering.

Another consideration is that these cruises need plenty of entertainment staff. The passengers are not going to be spending all day on deck sunbathing around the pool. There is thus a great necessity to keep them happy between lights viewings and excursions with a number of indoor activities and events.

Happy sailing and happy viewing.

This year, 2012, the northern lights are going to be especially impressive. It is the ‘solar max'.