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Jobs Sailing Around the World

Different types of job you can get sailing around the world

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It is very expensive buying a boat. A boat or yacht can cost the same as a holiday home. It is also expensive to maintain a boat.

The good news is that boats, yachts, catamarans etc. remain status symbols that people continue to buy. The allure of the open seas, the romance of being the captain and heading off for remote lands, the thought of drinking champagne on one’s own boat with a beautiful partner are all images that make sailing boats attractive possessions.

Often when people buy boats they are unaware of all the responsibilities involved in keeping a boat. As a consequence there are plenty of jobs to be found on a boat.

The good news is that boats, yachts, catamarans etc. remain status symbols that people continue to buy

Cost Sharing

This is the easiest job to get. Everyone on the boat shares the costs of the journey – usually between $30 and $80 a day. The money goes towards food, fuel, docking fees etc. It allows the owner to undertake a long voyage. Don’t pay any more than this – otherwise it is a charter boat not a cost share boat.

Delivery Job

This is a better job. You crew for free in return for all your expenses being covered. Often an owner wants his or her boat moved to a new location and they are short of crew. In return for your labor you get to travel for free to a new place. Sometimes the owner will pay for a return flight ticket; and sometimes the owner will pay a nominal fee for the job. Getting your first delivery job is a great way to get some experience sailing. It helps your future sailing job prospects and allows you a chance to learn some of the skills required to take your certificates to become a licensed sailor.

Paid Sailing Job

Once you have done 1 or more delivery jobs you can start to look for paid work as crew on a boat. This is usually a longer term commitment than a delivery job. All your expenses will be paid. While on board you will not need to spend any money so you can save your entire pay check for spending on further traveling. It is often the case that boats are registered off-shore so your wages will have no tax deductions. Typically a paid job will be on a 1 year contract. A good place to look for such work is crew placement agencies. Networking in ports, marinas and yacht clubs is a great way to pick up a job too.

As you get your certificates you can command bigger and bigger salaries. Naturally, the captain makes the most money.


Good spots to get sailing jobs are Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the end of the hurricane season and Newport, Rhode Island at the start of November. Remember to consider carefully before taking a job because there is no backing out once you are at sea.