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Guide to getting a job crewing

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It is very expensive buying a boat. A boat or yacht can cost the same as a holiday home. It is also expensive to maintain a boat.

The good news is that boats, yachts, catamarans etc. remain status symbols that people continue to buy. The allure of the open seas, the romance of being the captain and heading off for remote lands, the thought of drinking champagne on one’s own boat with a beautiful partner are all images that make sailing boats attractive possessions.

Often when people buy boats they are unaware of all the responsibilities involved in keeping a boat. As a consequence there are plenty of jobs to be found on a boat.

Different Types of Jobs on a Yacht

Skilled and non-skilled work on a boat

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While on some yachts you are going to need certification to get a job on others there are plenty of non-skilled positions available such as deckhands, chefs and stewards. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the yacht, the more non-skilled positions that will be available.

It is often the case that crews are needed for super yachts. These positions will not be advertised because the owner might want privacy. Being a trusted person and being in the loop will get you the job. It is often the case that a job on a super yacht is fairly easy until the owner arrives on deck and then it is ‘all hands to the pumps’.

Here is a rundown of the different types of position available on a yacht:

Tips for Plain Sailing

Useful advice for your first time at sea

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There are a lot of things that you need to watch out for when you join the crew of a yacht. With experience you will do the right thing without thinking, but when you take up your first job as a deckhand or a steward there are many things that you will be expected to know immediately. It is worth doing your homework before you set sail so as to avoid embarrassment and rubbing up people the wrong way. If you continue to make mistakes on the boat you will soon be ostracized and the captain or first mate is hardly likely to give you a glowing reference. Here are a few pointers

River Cruises

Another crewing option

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River cruises are a good way to start a nautical career. They are popular and there are a number of great rivers in the world to go down - the Amazon, the Nile, the Volga, the Rhine. This list could go on. People enjoy river cruises because they go through a country not around a country.

Sailing in Phang-Nga Bay and around the Similan Islands

Best diving and sailing on the Andaman side of Thailand

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Some of the best sailing in Thailand is to be found off the Andaman Coast near the resort area of Khao Lak, and also in the impressive Phang-Nga Bay area. The first offers some spectacular diving opportunities, and the latter has some impressive scenery and destinations of cultural significance.

Just 70 km from the coast of Khao Lak is the world famous Similan Islands. It is a Mecca for divers, rated in the top 10 dive sites by the National Geographic magazine. It is an archipelago of islands stretching over 128 sq km. There are nine main islands that have names but are often referred to by divers by a number going from 1 to 9. Some of the most famous dive spots are ‘East of Eden’, ’Elephant Rock’, ‘North Point’ and ‘Deep Six’. There is a very varied underwater topography to enjoy ranging from mountain ranges to multi colored corals to impressive swim-throughs. There is an abundance of marine life to spot including sharks, mantas, turtles and moray eels

Sailing in India

Guest post

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If you wish to experience the travel tips India then consider a tour sailing in India After all, the sailing tour allows you to experience the best of India exploring the cultural diversity of the nation at its best. From experiencing the magical panorama while sailing through the clear waters of Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea to uncovering the fantasy that caresses the water - sailing across the coastlines of India is sure to take you across the unparalleled beauty of the nation. If the blue waters, houseboat sailing, and colossal ships seem to be your calling then, come and indulge in the adventure trip that offers you a chance to be close to the marine world. If you love to explore the mystery of nature then, nothing other than a sailing tour in India can lay the sojourning platform for you. Sailing in India complements an idyllic cruising experience where you get to embrace the winds, sail through the panoramic water, and come close to nature at its best. The adventure of boating brings for you the chance to experience the diversified scope in the Indian sub continent and nothing else offers you more worthwhile travel in India than sailing.

Floating Market and Chao Phraya River Cruise Jobs

Boat jobs in Bangkok

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Getting a job in Thailand is not easy for a non-Thai national. Thailand is a very desirable country to live in. It has tropical weather, beautiful beaches, friendly people, an intriguing and engaging culture and a cheap cost of living; for many Westerners, Thailand is paradise.

The Thai government has strict regulations regarding foreigners working in Thailand. An employer has to prove that there aren’t any Thais suitable to fill a vacancy before a foreigner can be employed. And then several Thais must be employed for each foreigner engaged.

In reality, however, the rules are circumvented and the authorities generally turn a blind eye to this. Tourism is a major part of the Thai economy. This has moved from catering for backpackers to providing tourist services for families visiting Bangkok. One popular service is a tour of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and the Chao Phraya River. If you are looking for a crew job in Bangkok this is your most likely employment opportunity.

The Gulf of Thailand

Great sailing destination

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Sailing in the Gulf of Thailand is a relatively new thing. Tourism is more developed around the east coast of Thailand and in particular Phuket. The tsunami free waters of the Gulf contain some great islands to visit such as Koh Chang, Koh Samet, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Ko Kut and the Vietnamese Dao Phu Quoc. There is also the impressive karst rock islands of the Ang Thong National Park that still has a settlement of semi-nomadic Sea Gypsies.

The Gulf of Thailand is about 320,000 Km squared in size. It is a relatively new mass of water as it didn’t exist before the last ice age. This large body of water is also known to the Malays as the Gulf of Siam and to the Cambodians as the Shallow Arm of the South China Sea. The Gulf is bordered by Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Below the Gulf of Thailand is the South China Sea with Malaysia, China and Indonesia nearby.

The Gulf of Thailand is nearly enclosed by the countries surrounding it. Before the last Ice Age it was the river bed for the Chao Phraya River. The tectonic fault line runs on the over side of Indonesia. Consequently, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami missed the Gulf.

Sailing and DJing Around the World

Another skill to help you sail around the world for free

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The purpose of this site is to suggest ways in which people can make a living by sailing around the world. While the main skills needed for this are experience and understanding of sailing a yacht, it is often the case that another skill can help you earn extra money while abroad, and also provide another outlet for your talents.

The need for another ‘stick’ is particularly apparent if you perform a non-nautical based job on the boat such as maid, waitress or even chef. The captain, the engineer, purser etc. generally are busy doing their jobs and also get paid well enough not to worry about making extra pennies at each port of call.

For several years one of the skills that newcomers have brought to sailing is diving. Often visitors to a yacht want a chance to experience the marine life down below; having a PADI qualification while being a traveling sailsman is an excellent start.

Another possible skill is DJing. Nowadays most DJ set ups use computers or CDs to play the music. This means you don’t have to take up valuable cabin space with piles of vinyl records. What you need is a good selection of dance music and the necessary beat matching skills to DJ.

Working on Junk Boats

Chinese Junks Provide Excellent Crewing Opportunities

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Chinese junks are beautiful sailing ships. They originated in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) in China. They were used for ocean voyages. Over the years the junk design has been modified and the boats used for a variety of purposes such as cargo carrying, pleasure cruises and live-aboards.  You find the junk rig (or sampan rig) used in various sail configurations such as ketch, yawl, ship, cat and schooner. See Wikipedia (

Junk boats have a distinctive shape. They also all have a sail pattern in common - the sails all have rigid horizontals across their span that extend the sail forward of the mast. To the untrained eye a junk's distinctive stern and curved amidships make it recognisable as a boat.

Once the provenance of the Chinese, junks are now seen and used all over the world. They are great boats to crew on. They typically are spacious and elegant internally. They are nautical works of art that you can be proud to work on.

The Chantara junk based in Koh Samui is doing a very good trade at the moment. It has both day trips as well as cruises to popular tourist destinations such as Ang Thong National Park in the Gulf of Thailand.

The junk goes nearly every day to Koh Phangan. It typically takes groups of tourists to Koh Ma Marine Park  for snorkelling. It might stop off at the beautiful remote Haad Khuad (Bottle Beach) before making a longer break at Thong Nai Pan Bay where guests can disembark to go swimming, try jet skiing or catch a drink in a beach front bar.